Carriage Services

Circle C Carriages
Jeff & Lori Christiansen
2446 State Hwy 2
Clarinda, Iowa 51632
Weddings, Prom, Corporate Functions, Family Gatherings, etc...

Smith Family Farms
Carriage Service 

Doug and Dianne Smith
2111 227th St. 
Fairfield, IA 52556

Stan Jensen. 515-238-1485.
Dapple gray Percherons - very large - handsome team!!

 Beautiful carriage for weddings, and various celebrations. Accommodates six or seven.
Large custom-made show wagon for parades, funerals, celebrations can accommodate about 15 people.

 Sleigh rides. Accommodates four people.
Large trolley for Thanksgiving, Christmas time and other celebrations accommodates about 20 people.

Breed Associations

American Brabant Association
"The Brabant draft horse is the foundation horse for the American Belgian."

 American Cream Draft Horse Association
"The only breed of draft horse native to the United States."


American Haflinger Registry
"North America's fastest growing horse breed."


American Suffolk Horse Association


American Shire Horse Association
"One of the largest horses in the world, the Shire originated in the 'Shires' of England and is a descendant of the Old English Black Horse whose ancestors were the 'great horses' of medieval times."


 Belgian Draft Horse Corporation of America
"America's Favorite Draft Horse - The Belgian."

 Clydesdale Breeders of the USA
"The world's most famous 'Gentle Giants."

Percheron Horse Association of America

Mid-Iowa Driving Association
"To promote all breeds of horses, types of driving and to participate in an organized manner in driving events."
MIDA Facebook page

 Iowa Donkey and Mule Society
"The Iowa Donkey and Mule Society (IDMS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to having fun while promoting Mules and Donkeys."


Draft Services in Iowa

'A comprehensive horse pulling web site that includes information on competition, rules, schedules, events, pulling associations and contacts, etc. nationwide - including Iowa'  

Iowa Horse Pulling

Blue Ribbon Specialties

Mane & Tail Decorations - Annie Gott
2942 140th St
Sumner IA  50674

Seward Deadstock
Equestrian Mortality Removal
Statewide service
Adam Seward
New Providence, Iowa515-514-0156  

Feathershoe Farrier Service
Brad Sleeth
Trimming and Shoeing

DC farrier services
Drake Christe
Hot Shoeing, cold shoeing, handmade shoes, and trimming.

Richard Yoder
19888 Jade Ave.
Bloomfield, IA 52537
Voice mail: 641.664.1021
Trimming, shoeing and training


Draft Horse Journal  
'The world's foremost heavy horse and mule publication'

Rural Heritage
'A bimonthly journal in support of small farmers and loggers who use draft horse, mule, and ox power. In print since 1976, online since 1997'

Small Farmers Journal
'Serving independent family farmers and craftsmanship in agriculture since 1976'

Yoder's Shoeing and Trimming
Shoeing and trimming of all size
Samual Yoder
Newton, IA

Drafts For Sale L.L.C.
'Your Premier Draft Horse Classified' 

Historic Brown Farm
Central City, IA
Located 1.5 miles east of Central City, Iowa, this historic farm is the legacy of Lloyd Brown, a lifelong collector of antiques and farm machinery.His final wish was that his 84 acre farmstead and vast collection become the property of the Central City Historical Society.The Historical Society has preserved and built on Lloyd’s legacy.Each year the Historic Brown Farm hosts a Pioneer Day to give children of all ages the chance to participate in our rich Iowa heritage.
Facebook: Brown Farm Pioneer Days

Horse Progress Days
'Trade show featuring modern horse drawn equipment.