The IDH&MBA originated in the early 1960s. With about 100 member families, it continues to be one of the prominent draft horse and mule associations in Iowa. This association funds a yearly scholarship for young Iowans who are interested in working within the draft horse and mule industry.

In 2017 the association encouraged the start-up of local chapters of the state association. The Southwest, Northwest, Southeast, and East Central chapters were established. The South Central Iowa Draft Horse & Mule association has been an active club since 1984 and had cooperated with the State association on several projects to promote drafts.  In 2018 the SCIDHMA voted to become a chapter of the Iowa Draft Horse & Mule Association.

The Iowa Draft Horse and Mule Breeders Association was founded in 1957, with the invaluable help of Dick Sparrow. At our initial meeting, we had 56 passionate individuals present who were excited to build the numbers of draft horses at the Iowa State Fair and other shows across the state. Our organization is dedicated to preserving the use and history of draft horses, promoting their versatility and abilities, and educating the public on the importance of these strong and reliable animals.

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Established 1957