Iowa Draft Horses and Mules

The "events" page will list our planned events for the year.  Usually updated in March.  Last minute additions will be posted on the "just-in" page.


South Central Iowa Draft Horse & Mule Association regular Meeting Dates -Second Tuesday of the Odd Months at the Lions Hall in New Virginia .

Second Sunday in January, Iowa Draft Horse and Mule Breeders Meeting and potluck .

Third Sunday in January, South Central Iowa Draft Horse and Mule Association Potluck meal.




            28th – 31st – Waverly Horse Sale

            31st – April 2nd – Iowa Horse Fair


            10th – 11th – Kalona Draft Horse Sale (Draft Horse Pull Monday evening at 6pm)

            22nd – Plow Day at Kelli Kraft’s, Albert City, Iowa (NW)

            22nd – River Valley Lodge & Campground in Farmington, IA (SE)

                            Wagon Trails and Obstacle Course – Rain Date April 29th

            28th – 29th – Baumli Horse Sale in Maryville, MO

            29th – 11am-3pm – Olin, Iowa “Farming With Horses”;  Bring teams and score in plows, discing,

                             Harrowing, planting.  Rain date April 30th.  Contact Richard McAtee @ 319-480-7264 (EC)



            13th – Andy’s Birthday Ride, 2pm, Fonda, Iowa (NW)

            13th – Maazdam Barns – south edge of Fairfield (SE)

                             Babies at Barn and 3 acres by horse barn to do check corn planting

            27th – John Wayne Parade 11am in Winterset, contact Frank Santana at 520-241-6442




            2nd-4th – Marengo, Iowa “Wagon Train” leaves Friday around noon.  Mostly gravel, but flat. Primitive

                             Camping.  Pot Luck on Saturday. Call Bob Gerard @319-350-8158 or Janet 319-350-8168 (EC)

            10th – 10am-2pm Prairieburg, Iowa “Drive a Draft”.  Harness demo at 10am.  Driving with a teamster

                              Until 1pm.  Teamsters can try out obstacle course.  Call Jeff Carnahan 319-213-1858 or

                                           Joann 319-540-5536 (EC)


            17th – Maazdam Barns – Fairfield (SE)

                              Boys & their “toys”, Old trucks, tractors, and horses, Louden trolleys & equip.

            24th or 25th – Douds Obstacle Course, Contact Tony Garrett at 641-799-9228 (SE)




            4th – Parades at Osceola, Milo, Carlisle, Bedford, New Market

            8th – New Virginia Old Settlers Parade at 6pm.  Contact Jim Stuart (SC)

            13th – Andy’s Birthday Ride, 2pm, Fonda, Iowa (NW)

            15th – 16th – Draft Horse Hitch show, Manchester, Iowa ( 563-608-1607

                                  7:30pm on Saturday and 11:00am on Sunday.

            15th – 9am, Henry County Fair, Mt. Pleasant, IA;  Draft Farmyard Skills, Contact Dave

  Frieden at 563-260-2898 (SE)


July (continued):

16th – Draft Horse obstacle course, log skid, feed team race, at Indian Creek Museum, Emerson, Iowa (contact Jeff Christiansen – 

              712-542-0011 (SW)

22nd – 1:00 pm Montgomery County Fair Draft Horse competition, Red Oak, Iowa

                           (contact Jeff  Christiansen – 712-542-0011 (SW)

            29th-30th – 10am – 5pm both days.  Central City, Iowa “Brown Farm Pioneer Days”.  Threshing,

                         Plowing, discing, hay press, raking, baling, obstacle course, log skid, maybe feed race.

                         Call Jeff Carnahan 319-213-1858 or Joann 319-540-5536 (EC)





9th-10th – 2nd Joan Koenig Memorial Ride, from Gillett Grove, IA to Albert City, IA (NW)

10th-13th – Albert City Thresherman’s Show (NW)

11th – Farm hitch classes at the Iowa State Fair

12th – Iowa State Fair Draft horse pull 6:30 Pavillion

13th – 15th – Belgian/Shire show at the Iowa State Fair

17th – 19th – Percheron/Clyde Show at the Iowa State Fair

27th -  South Central Iowa Draft Horse and Mule Association farm hitch show at New Virginia at noon

            Clinic from 9am to 11am contact Jim Stuart, 515-971-1254,

31st – Sept. 4th – Old Threshers in Mt. Pleasant, IA;  Lots of horse powered equipment

                                (threshing, sawing, crosscut saw, grinding, using elevator & buck rake)


            2nd-3rd – Britt Draft Horse show

            16th – Hand Corn Husking contest in Emerson, Iowa (contact Dave Vanden Boom 641-919-2042)

            16th  – Maazdam Barns – Fairfield (SE);  Demonstrate Louden Equipment putting up hay & other field


30th -  Eldon Iron Show – give rides (SE)



            3rd – 6th – Waverly Horse Sale

            7th – Plowing at Living History Farms (contact Jim Stuart 515-971-1254)

            7th – Libertyville 175th year celebration – would like a lot of horses in the parade (SE)

            14th – 15th -  Central City, Iowa “Pissant Farm Logging Day”.  Opening up our timber if you want to

                                    try some logging.  Call Jeff Carnahan 319-213-1858 or Joann 319-540-5536 (EC)

            16th – 17th – Kalona Fall Sale

            21st – Viola, Iowa “Wagon Train”.  Matsel Park.  Meet 9am and leave at 10am.  Outriders welcome.

                                    Call Deanna Lagos 319-270-4441 (EC)