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Iowa Draft Horse & Mule Association

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Interested in the Draft Industry? 

Our organization offers a variety of activities and shows throughout the year to interest all types and sorts of draft owners and enthusiasts alike. For a FULL list of activities, head to the Calendar Page to check out an event that may be near you!  

For people interested in joining our association, but not sure if you should? Contact Us to reach our or look below to see a full list of chapter presidents and find your region! 

Dues for the year are $20.00 total. Half of this will go to help keep our local chapters running while the other $10.00 gets placed in our state account to help fund our shows, awards handed out yearly, and our scholarship program. 

Have more questions about the association but don't know where to look next? Check out our frequently asked questions page to see if your question is on there! 


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