The East Central Iowa Draft Horse and Mule Chapter had a obstacle practice day in February 2017.

6/2/12: The club had a nice day for the Draft Horse Fun Show  and clinic in New Virginia, IA. Here's a picture of a teamster driving one of the teams down the street in this small town.

Putting up hay is not a task to do by yourself.

8/23/12: What a great way to spend an early summer evening for a kid and his pony. This is Henry Franzen near Indianola.

This shot looks like a postcard. I'm not sure who took this picture but I'm glad they sent it on.

7/11/12: Mark Reeves from Indianola sent this picture of the threshing event east of Milo. These guys are as driven as the mares because the heat index that day was 105 degrees and full sun. What a brutal day for threshing!.

Interesting way to load and move some hay. I doubt Jim has any neighbors that ask to borrow this machine to do their own hay.

Iowa Draft Horses and Mules

Mowing near New Virginia.

Gerald Stuart doing what he does best... supervising!.