Iowa Draft Horses and Mules

If you are a member of the Iowa Draft Horse and Mule Association and would like to have your contact information listed please let us know

LuAnn Arney, DVM
Equine Medicine & Surgery, LTD
1171 380th St. 
Dorchester, IA 52140

Black Lot Drafts
Douglas and Donna Holtorf
3231 Traer Ave.
Lohrville, IA 51453

Buerckley's Belgians
Howard and Mable Buerckley
2335 Hwy 218
Osage, IA 50416
Horses and pumpkins for sale - quality of all sizes.

Coffins Creek Belgians
Randy and Barb Fiddelke
1337 Candle Road
Manchester, IA 52507

Cedarwood Percherons
Henry A. Yoder
Bloomfield, IA
Voice mail: 641.664.2783
Percherons for sale at all times
 Cindon Mules

Circle C Carriages
Jeff & Lori Christiansen
2446 State Hwy 2
Clarinda, Iowa 51632

Crookes Belgians
George & Jean Crookes and Family.
7853 155th Ave Indianola, IA 50125
Belgian Geldings

Crystal Creek Farm
Kelly, Dave, Nick, Devan and Noah Donato
9747 20th ave
Prole, Iowa 50229
Belgian and Draft Cross sport horses

Determann Family Belgians
Glen and Janice Determan
707 Highland St. PO Box 217
Wall Lake, IA 
Herd Sire: Orndorff's Conqueror Beau
Horses for sale

Elm Lawn Farm Belgians
Nelson Gingerich
15906 Jade Lane
Bloomfield, IA 52537
Sires: Charlie's Dexter by Charlie H. Farceur, Debar Acres Master by Orndorff's Captain Reign
Horses and colts for sale. On-farm breeding service. 

Steve and Glenda Farrier
66082 Glenwood Road
Atlantic, IA 50022
We have Morgan horses but love the drafts
"Cares of the heart fade away in the company of a good horse" gfarrier

Annie Gott
Blue Ribbon Specialties
2942 140th St
Sumner IA  50674

Hastings Clydesdales
Don and Debi Hastings
2695 Quincy Ave.
New London, IA 52645

High Pine Belgians
Bob and Mary Davidson and Family
104 Middle Street
Stanwood, IA 52337
Colts for sale at weaning time

Merlin D. Hulse
1770 150th St. 
Clarence, IA 52216
Herd Sire: Hughes Live Oak Candy's Spanky

Jeager's Percherons
Duane, Sandy, Mike and Tricia
2940 155th St.
Charles City, IA 50616
641.228.2953 (Duane)
641.257.2631 (Mike) (Duane and Sandy) (Mike and Tricia)Herd Sire: Sterling Stopper
We have a draft horse for everyone from show to farm. Give us a call and we will try to help you.

L.D. Percherons
Jim and Peg Day
1366 180th St. 
Bradgate, IA 50520
Herd Sire: L.D.'s Prince Legacy by M. G. Prince

Mar-Ene's Belgians
Marcus Gingerich
18087 Ginger Ave.
Bloomfield, IA 52537
Voice Mail: 641.664.1547
Herd Sire: BJ Brute, by BJ Supreme Legacy
Mare Bloodlines: Remlap Spike & Eberspacher's Ben. 
Colts for Sale. Stallion service.  

Meggers Farm
Dennis and Sue Meggers
1095 Truro Pavement
Truro, IA, 50257
Percherons and Percheron x Quarter Horses
Horse Hotel accommodations available
Rooms or camping space for people

Pleasant View Percherons
Lynn & Janine MacVey
"Always something for sale"

Ridgeview Belgians
Brad & Melissa Criswell & Sons
17160 65th Ave.
St. Charles, IA 50240

Jader Bug Photography
Rachel Ritland
Dog & Pet Portraiture and Action Photography

Wilbur & Kate Sheets
22729 Quinlan Ave
Dallas Center ,Iowa

Cell 515-238-1524

Spring Water Belgians
Mark and Mary Bower
1156 Grant Avenue
Coon Rapids, Iowa 50058
712.651.2573 (home)
712.830.5928 (cell)

Square Tire Belgian Hitch
Scott, Diane, Tyler, Paige, and Ross Eldridge
2827 Memorial Drive
Sioux City, IA 51103
Big Horses - Big Fun!

Stuart Family Belgians
Jim Stuart
1121 G76 Hwy
New Virginia, IA 50210
Herd Sire: MW King George
"Work horses that will work for you"

Tweed Croft Percherons
Jay Franzen/Camille Telleen
11040 70th Ave.
Indianola, IA 50125

Uni-Q-Farm Percheron's
Lyle D. Pries & L. Ferguson
3219 190th St.
Sumner, IA 50674
Herd Sire: Yutzy Farm's Duke, Yutzy Farm's Randy, Kaufman's Spirit Thunder

Wildcat Ranch Belgians
Nancy and Ted Janssen
1476 370th St. 
Auburn, IA 51433
Registered Belgians always for sale. Visitors always welcome.