Iowa Draft Horses and Mules

On the "Just In" page we will post the latest news, results, and upcoming events.  We will keep about a years worth of post so you can scroll down and see what we have done in the past year.

April 10 2018

Several members took teams to the Iowa Horse Fair and gave wagon rides.  On Saturday we held a driving clinic where we allowed the students to drive our teams.  We had six teams in the ring for people to drive and we kept busy for 2 1/2 hours!  The Iowa Horse Council board declared it a success.  I'm sure they will ask us to do it again next year.


March 19

Trail Ride (teams and singles)  - Sat. June 9, 2018    1:00 PM
Leaves from Fred Coltrain residence (also location of "A Place to Remember" Historical Museum).  2973 Hwy 39,  Kiron, IA  
Meat will be furnished for evening meal after the ride.   Please bring a dish to share.  
Primitive overnight camping spots available.  
Possible Sunday activities also.
For info call:
Fred Coltrain    712-269-0197
Dan Schroeder    712-269-8395 

March 9 2018

ECIDHMA-Meeting Minutes Saturday March 3, 2018 Location: Sally's on Broadway. Springville, Ia Present: John Squires, Russ & Connie Osterkamp, Bob & Mary Davidson, Bob & Janet Gerard, Richard & Doris McAtee, Lavern & Judy Meyer, Deanna & Randy Lagos, Christie Truemper, Kim Slaymaker, Bruce & Denise Reckling, Butch Sowers, Clark & Anita Miller, David McDonald, Ellie Munier & Kadence, Abby Costello, Dan Menke, Jeff & Joann Carnahan. Jeff called the meeting to order at 1:08 pm Introduction of New/Current Members: Welcome to Kim Slaymaker, Bruce and Denise Reckling, Butch Sowers, Clark and Anita Miller, and Abby Costello! Minutes of Previous Meeting: As minutes of Feb meeting were sent out to all, a motion was made to accept by Bob Gerard. 2nd by Janet Gerard. Motion carried. Treasurer's Report: Deanna Lagos reported that the balance of EIDHMA checking account at Exchange State Bank in Springville, Ia had an ending cash balance of $816.76 as of 2/28/18. Income for Feb. $240 in dues. An expense of $8.73 for postage. And an outstanding check of $220 to State for Dues. A copy of the report was passed around for review. Additional copies available upon request. A motion to accept was made by Bob Davidson. 2nd by Janet Gerard. Motion carried. Secretery's Report: Joann Carnahan, read aloud. (A copy will be provided with minutes for review)A motion was made to accept by David McDonald. 2nd by Deanna Lagos. Motion Carried. Vice President's Report: David McDonald reported that the Driving/Harnessing Clinic he had been working on is to be tabled for the time being. Jerry Maker had declined. Robert Detweiler would be willing to do an informational on conformation at some time. David has things in order for the May 12th "Drive-A-Draft" event at Hilltop Ranch in Robins from 10am-2pm This event is open to public and offered to 4-H'ers. Abbey Costello offered to assist. Bob Davidson will be on hand as well. Mary will perform a "Braiding for Show" Demo. Bob Gerard, Deanna Lagos, Jeff Carnahan, and David McDonald offered to bring teams. David and Cindy McDonald are covering the fee for arena availability at Hilltop. Lunch will be provided for cost. Flyers will be available soon. Motion to Accept made by Bob Davidson. 2nd by Mary Davidson. Motion carried. Old Business: Hat n Tees are here! Delivering. State Membership roster and List of events coming soon.... New Business: Reminder, "Horse Communication Clinic" Sun. Mar 11th 1-3pm at Greenbriar in Springville. "Obstacle Course Practice" Sun Mar 18th 10-2 at Stone Cottage Stables in Monticello. NO APRIL MEETING! See you at the Iowa Horse Fair, official ECIDHMA field trip! "Farming With Horses" Plow Day Sat Apr. 28th 10-2 Richard McAtee's in Olin. NO MAY MEETING! See you at our events! "Spring Wagon Train" May 20th at 9am Matsel Park. NO JUNE MEETING! See you at our events! "Bob Gerard's June Wagon Ride" June 2-3 West Amana. **July 7th meeting is at Sally's!!!!!!! Noon gather. 1pm meeting. BROWN FARM PLANS! Meeting Adjourned: 2:30ish by Jeff. 

February 6 2018

East Central Iowa Draft Horse and Mule Assoc Meeting Minutes February 3, 2018 Location: Sally's on Broadway. Springville, Ia Present:  Steve & Roxanne Ross, Dionne Pinckney, Chris Chapman, Darla Gunderson, Carol & Ken Tuttle, Christie Truemper, Bob & Mary Davidson, Dick & Doris McAtee, Lavern & Judy Meyer, John Squires, Tom & Gerrie & Audrey Lueck, Mike & Jana Manley, Randy & Deanna Lagos,  Dan Menke, Martha & Tim & Gabby Burton, David McDonald, Dick McDonald, Mahlon Jay Mast, Cody Roller, Dale Yousse, Larry & Dee Dee Roller, Jeff & Joann Carnahan. Jeff called the meeting to order at 1:13pm Introduction of New/Current Members:  Welcome to Dionne Pinckney, Chris Chapman, Darla Gunderson, and Mahlon Mast! Minutes of Previous Meeting:  As Minutes from Jan Meeting were emailed/snail-mailed out to everyone, a motion made to accept by Steve Ross. 2nd by Richard McAtee. Motion carried. Treasure's Report:  David McDonald(Currently Vice-President)transferred the Treasury Records on Friday Jan 19th.  On Sat. Jan 20th all statements, receipts, and check book were reviewed by Jeff, Joann, Randy and Deanna and the Treasury was transferred to Deanna at the Exchange State Bank in Springville, Ia.   Deanna Lagos provided a written report of finances for review upon request, including a copy of Jan statement. The Balance of the ECIDHMA account as of Jan. 31, 2018 was $585.49. A motion to accept made by Mary Davidson. 2nd by Carol Tuttle. Motion carried. Joann requested a reimbursement for postage in the amount of $8.73. A motion to accept made by Steve Ross. 2nd Bob Davidson. Motion carried. Check # 2012 was presented at end of meeting. Secretary's Report: Joann Carnahan, Read aloud. (A copy will be provided with minutes to review)A motion was made to accept by Richard McAtee. 2nd by Bob Gerard. Motion carried. Vice President Report:  David McDonald has been working on organizing a clinic for our members. He has contacted some individuals that have been in the Draft Horse industry that would have lots of information to share. He reported that in speaking to Jerry Maker, Robert Detweiler, and Megan O'Connor he could put together a 4-6 hour educational clinic that would cover such topics as conformation, what to look for in the show ring vs work horse, multiple horse hitches, hoof health, nutrition and maintenance. There would possibly be a nominal fee. David will keep us posted as to the progress at the next meeting.  Also, David reported that that the "Drive-a-Draft" event at Hilltop is a go and he will be covering the fee for arena availability. We are looking for solid teams and various equipment for folks to try out. Mary Davidson expressed interest in doing another "Braiding for Show" demo at the event. David is looking into offering this to 4-H youth as well? Old Business: Calendars are sold out! Next year they will be $7.00 as a fundraiser. Please remember to take pics!! I have a hat and tee order going in! Please get with me 
ASAP. I will be mailing by end of week. I have more business cards if anyone is interested in them! New Business:  "Ice Harvest Festival" in Troy Mills was re-scheduled for Feb 18th 1-3pm. Jeff brought up a couple good topics for discussion. We would like to do a "Tips for Teamsters" session at our meetings!!!! Please Email or text me your inquiries/ questions!  Since we have a lot of new members, Jeff brought up Harness: Collar vs. Breast style. Thank you for everybody's input! Heavy work requires heavy harness, in that case use collar. Breast style harness is fine for light cart/buggy work. It is my opinion that too much harness is better than not enough! Breast-style harness is certainly easier to find. In reference to an article in Rural Heritage, Jeff also talked about "Gee and Haw". We discussed it's origin, purpose, and appropriate use.  Mostly, use what works but be very consistent so as not to confuse your team/horse. Event Planning:  A final list of events is included in an email. Please mark your calendars!!! I forwarded to State and they will send out a complete list of all chapter events state wide.  Next meeting will be on Sat March 3rd. Sally's. Noon gather. Meeting 1pm. Motion to Adjourn: Made by Richard McAtee. 2nd by Tim Burton. Meeting adjourned at 2:30pm
ECIDHMA Secretary's Report Saturday Feb. 3rd, 2018  We are gearing up for a busy year! With one full year of being a chaptered organization there are many exciting events taking place and lots of new people to share information with.  Hopefully you are all getting the emails and updates! Please get with me if you feel like your not in the loop!!!!! I try to make note of New Members so that you are updated on the State roster!    We welcomed 5 new members at our January meeting! It's fun to see everybody's face book posts with their ponies!  We have a total of 40 family memberships at this point. I will get an updated copy to everyone ASAP. I want you to have a list of who is in your area for networking, so I include your 'Interests' such as mules, harness/tack for sale, driving, learning, etc. As of last night we have 25 of these memberships paid up and current.  I want to remind everybody to keep your dues up-to-date so we can keep you posted on upcoming information. In these numbers were also 2 memberships coming from the State listing-Randy and Barb Fiddelke from Manchester.  Don and Cloris Zern from Conrad, Ia.     With all of the events coming up Jeff and I are hoping that some of you will be willing to oversee some of the events, as the group is for everyone to partake!!  If you are able to bring a piece of equipment with you or a team, let us know!   We're looking forward to getting together with you all and let's have a great year horsin' around! Thanks! Joann

January 31 2018
ECIDHMA-Meeting Minutes Saturday January 6th, 2018 Location:  Sally's on Broadway. Springville, Ia Present:  Mike and Anita Siddall, Janet and Bob Gerard, Jana Manley, Ken and Carol Tuttle, Christie Truemper, John and Jeannie Pecinovsky, Bob and Mary Davidson, Dick McAtee, Cindy, Meredith and David McDonald, Laura and Jerry Munier, Dale Boevers, Ellie Munier and Kaedence Trask, Deanna and Randy Lagos, Cynthanee Heeren, Connie Osterkamp, Phil Gent, Sam Miller, Dick McDonald, Jeff and Joann Carnahan Kevin Detert and Ty. Jeff called the meeting to order at 1:06 pm Introduction of New/Current Members: Welcome to Mike and Anita Siddall, Christie Truemper, John and Jeannie Pecinovsky, Ellie Munier and Kaedence Trask, Cynthanee Heeren, Sam Miller! Minutes of Previous Meeting:  Minutes for Nov 4th meeting were mailed out.  Read aloud by Joann in order to familiarize new members with last meeting of 2017 info. Motion to Accept as read by Richard McAtee. 2nd by Mary Davidson. Carried. Treasurer's Report: David McDonald stated the ECIDHMA account at ESB as being $135.05 for the month of Nov. 2017, as he had not yet received the statement for Dec of 2017. A motion to accept the Treasure's Report as stated was made by Kevin Detert. 2nd by Bob Gerard. Carried.  Joann had presented receipts for reimbursement in the total amount of $23.54 for postage and printing. Motion to Accept made by Mary Davidson. 2nd by Richard McAtee. Carried. David presented a check for the amount following meeting. Secretary's Report:  Read aloud by Joann Carnahan. (A copy is included for your review) Motion to Accept made by Bob Davidson. 2nd by Phil Gent. Carried. Old Business:  ECIDHMA Calendars: will be printed for 2019 and sold as a fundraiser for $7.00ea.  Please submit any pics you may want included! Business Cards: Please help yourself as it was a club purchase and they are effective, hands-on advertisement for us!  Memberships: $20.00 annually, with $10 staying local and $10 going to State to cover printing, flyers, web site, expenses. I encourage you to renew ASAP so we can keep you current with info!! Check out ad in Draft Horse Journal, $60 if you want to be included in 4 issues annually. Hats n Tees: Will go up $2.00 per person to cover shipping costs. (Costs are comparative to other companies, supports Circle C Signs who do much to support IDHMA) State Meeting Sun. Jan 14, 12:15 in Norwalk, Ia. New Business:  Officer Elections    Secretary: Current-Joann Carnahan. Re nominated by David McDonald. 2nd by Bob Gerard. Passed unanimously    Treasurer: Current-David McDonald. Nominated-Deanna Lagos, by Bob Gerard. 2nd by Bob Davidson.  Deanna accepted. David declined. Passed unanimously.    Vice President: Current-Steve Ross(not present, but expressed interest in more hands-on participation at events)  Nominated-David McDonald by Jeff          Carnahan. 2nd by Dick. Passed unanimously.   President: Current-Jeff Carnahan.  Re nominated by Mary Davidson. 2nd by David McDonald.  Passed unanimously. Congratulations everybody!  Your officers of the East Central Iowa Draft Horse and Mule  Association Chapter for 2018 will be as follows:     Secretary:  Joann Carnahan     Treasurer:  Deanna Lagos     Vice President: David McDonald     President:  Jeff Carnahan Event Planning: be finalized  at Feb meeting. Events must be submitted to Lori by mid to end of Feb to get included on the State Listing of Events. (Additional "Impromptu Events" are always welcome!!!) Next Meeting Sat Feb 3rd at Sally's! Lunch noon, Meeting at 1pm Motion to Adjourn: Made by David McDonald. 2nd by Kevin Detert. Adjourn at 3:23pm

January 21, 2018
South Central Iowa Draft Horse & Mule Association 

Minutes of the meeting at the Woodburn Community Center.
Treasurer’s report: $1793.33 ($1603 is Gail Hembry memorial money)
Attendance: 16

Introduction of members

Minutes of last meeting were read and approved

Financial report;

 Last year we spent $77 more on annual expenses than we took in and we had $245 in one-time expenses.  We decided we could not continue with our Rural Heritage ad.

Iowa Horse Fair- April 6th-8th

This year they are asking us to haul people from the north parking lot.  This will require a few more teams. We will also have a driving clinic for an hour or so in the Outside Arena.  More details later. 

Percheron congress starts Oct 8th.

Corn picking on September 22

Next year’s winter meeting will be January 20 at Woodburn.
Election of officers

President- Wilbur Sheets

Vice- Jeremy Smith

Secretary Jim Stuart

Director thru 2020 Loyd Sleeth

 We held a drawing for door prizes

Jim Stuart

January 14, 2018
Iowa Draft Horse and Mule Association Meeting

The meeting of the Iowa Draft Horse and Mule Association met on January 14, 2018, at Norwalk Fire Station with a potluck beginning at 12:30p.m

Meeting was called to order by President Dave VandenBoom with 36 members present. 

The secretary’s report was mailed out with the meeting notice.  It was motioned by Donna Holtorf and seconded by Denny Dostal to approve the report.  All in favor, motion passed.

The treasurer’s report was also mailed out with the meeting notice.  A follow-up report was given at the meeting with new balances.  The IDHMA checking account balance is $3129.70 as of 1/14/18.  The scholarship savings account has a balance of $481.15 as of 1/14/18.  Motion was made by Bob Davison and seconded by Bill Somervell to approve the reports.   All in favor, motion passed.

Old Business:
    Iowa Horse Fair – Jim Stuart needs horses and haulers for bringing in people from north parking lot.  Contact him if willing to participate.  They are also setting aside a time frame if you want to let people drive your team.

   World Percheron Congress is still wanting individuals with teams to haul people, but must be percheron team.

   Corn Husking Competition went well had lots of members pick and had teams to pull wagons for the pickers.  New date for 2018 is September 22nd.  If you would like to bring a team and wagon for the 2018 contest, please contact Jim Stuart or Jeff Christiansen.

   2017 Youth representatives – Stettson Smith and Skie Campbell gave a report on what their responsibilities are at the state fair.  Skie also stated that she helps promote the club when participating in farm team events around the state.  Stettson was presented a jacket for his years of service from 2013 – 2017 sponsored by Circle C Signs.

    2017 Scholarship recipient Skie Campbell gave a talk about her first semester experiences at Iowa State University and thanked the group again for the scholarship.

New Business:

   Any new youth representatives?   Please contact Lori Christiansen if you have anyone interested in being the Jr. Youth Representative along with Skie who will be our Sr. Youth Representative for 2018.

    Any Scholarship Applications?  Please contact Lori Christiansen for an application.  The applications must be turned in by May of 2018.

   Draft Horse Journal Ad?  Is anyone else interested in advertising in the Draft Horse Journal?  No one spoke up.

    Do we want to sponsor the same classes at Iowa State Fair?

        Plaques to Junior Champion/Reserve Champion Clydesdale Mare
        Plaques to Junior Champion/Reserve Champion Percheron Mare
        Plaques to Junior Champion/Reserve Champion Belgian Mare

            $25.00 check to:  
                  Jr. Youth Driver Belgian/Shire
                  Sr. Youth Driver Belgian/Shire
                  Jr. Youth Driver Perch/Clyde
                  Sr. Youth Driver Perch/Clyde

     Jeff Christiansen motioned to keep sponsoring the same teams and Donna Holtorf seconded.  All in favor.  Motion passed.

     Memberships are now due for the 2018 year.  South Central group now has joined the state chapter.

    Each chapter gave updates on the events of last year.  Please get your events to Lori Christiansen by the end of February for the 2018 year.

    Iowa Horse Council Meeting – anyone wanting to sit on the board?  January 20th meeting at ISU.

    Elections were then held. 

          It was motioned by Gary Shirk and seconded by Bob Davidson that Lori Christiansen remain as the secretary/treasurer.  All in favor.  Motion passed.
          It was motioned by Loyd Sleeth and seconded by Larry Robison that Brad Criswell remain the vice-president.  All in favor.  Motion passed.
          It was motioned by Bob Davidson that Jim Stuart become the 2018 president and seconded by Larry Robinson.  All in favor.  Motion passed.

 Meeting was adjourned. 

 January 14, 2018

Iowa Draft Horse and Mule Association Special Meeting

The new president, vice-president, secretary/treasurer and presidents from each chapter met to vote on the recipients of the 2018 IDHMA Hall of Fame.  The following will be presented the awards at the 2018 Iowa State Fair:

            Steve and Becky Fevold at the Clydesdale Show

            Mike Beaty at the Farm Show

            Gary Shirk at the Farm Show

            Elsie & Bill Dean at the World Percheron Show

 These selections were moved by Lori Christiansen and seconded by Larry Robison as our 2018 picks.

 Meeting was adjourned.


January 4, 2018
Friends, I hope I don’t confuse you but I am sending out information for three of our Draft Horse club meetings being held in January. As you know the Iowa Draft Horse & Mule Association has started up local chapters around the state and the South Central Iowa Draft Horse & Mule association decided to become a chapter of the state association starting this year. Membership dues are $20 with $10 going to the state association and $10 going to the chapter of your choosing. I’ve attached a membership form. Fill it out and check the local chapter you want to belong to, then send it to Lori or bring it to one of the meetings. If you have any questions about our association, feel free to contact me or any of the officers or directors listed on Thanks Jim Stuart 515-971-1254 ______________________________________________________________

East Central Iowa Draft Horse & Mule Association 2018 Meeting Reminder.

Hey all! Hope you are well and had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We wanted to touch base with everyone to quick remind you of a couple items! *First ECIDHMA of 2018, January 6th at Sally's in Springville. As usual, gather at noon for lunch, meeting to start at 1pm. -Officer Elections will be held! If you'd care to run for an office, be sure to come and let us know! -We will be doing Membership Renewals!!! Your paid membership keeps you on our Contacts List! We hope you will be partaking again, but if you wish to be removed from the list please let me know. (Again, annual dues are $20...10 stays local, 10 goes to State.)New Members are absolutely welcome to come! -Bring your handy-dandy club calendar for event planning!!!!!! I will have extras for purchase at cost $4.00ea. Bring events you want to host/oversee or participate in!!! *I have hats and tees in for those of you that ordered them! *State Meeting is Sunday Jan 14, all are welcome to attend! Potluck at 12:15. Norwalk Fire Station. 1100 Chatham Ave, Norwalk IA, Hope to see you all on Saturday!!!!!!! Warm Wishes! Jeff and Joann


Iowa Draft Horse & Mule Association

IDHMA Members Please mark your calendar for the winter meeting of the Iowa Draft Horse & Mule Association that will be held on Sunday January 14 2018 at the Norwalk Fire Station, 1100 Chatham Ave, Norwalk Iowa 50211. There will be a 12:15 potluck meal followed by the meeting. We will provide plates, silverware, coffee and a drink. Attached is the 2018 Membership form. The $20 membership fee will be split between the State association and the local chapter of your choosing. During the meeting we will elect officers for 2018. Dave VandenBoom is stepping down as president. If you have any business that needs to be brought up, or have a show or event you want to tell about, please come to the meeting or let one of the officers know about it. Anyone wishing to join Skie Campbell as our Jr. Iowa Youth Ambassador please contact Lori Christiansen. The email address for the association is In Case of bad weather on January 14th contact Lori at 712-542-6948 or Dave VandenBoom at 641-919-2042


South Central Iowa Draft Horse and Mule Association

Our annual potluck dinner will be held at 1:00 on Sunday, January 21, at the Community Center in Woodburn. Please bring a dish to share and your own table service. If you would like to donate a small item to be given as a door prize, please bring it to the meeting. Names will be drawn from a hat to distribute the door prizes. Membership dues are $20 per family. If you can’t make it to the meeting, please send dues to: Jim Stuart, 1121 G76 Hwy, New Virginia, IA 50210 Your paid membership will put you on our mailing list so we can keep you informed of the events we have planned. For more information call 515-971-1254 or email Check out our web site Face Book-“Iowa Draft Horse and Mule Associations”


South Central Iowa Draft Horse and Mule Association 
Our annual potluck dinner will be held at 1:00 on Sunday, January 21, at the Community Center in Woodburn. Please bring a dish to share and your own table service. If you would like to donate a small item to be given as a door prize, please bring it to the meeting. Names will be drawn from a hat to distribute the door prizes. Membership dues are $20 per family. Last year our club decided to become a chapter of the Iowa Draft Horse & Mule Breeders association.  Your $20 membership will be split between the IDHMBA and SCIDHMA.  If you can’t make it to the meeting, please send dues to:
 Jim Stuart, 1121 G76 Hwy, New Virginia, IA 50210 
Your paid membership will put you on our mailing list so we can keep you informed of the events we have planned. For more information call 515-971-1254 or email
Check out our web site
Face Book-“Iowa Draft Horse and Mule Associations”


The South Central chapter held their meeting at the New Virginia Lions Hall with 10 members present.  We talked about the different activities we had done with our horses the past few months.  Ashley Sleeth was presented with a large trophy for winning the Iowa youth team hand cornhusking contest.  Ashley, age 10, placed second in the 14 and under class at the National cornhusking contest in Missouri this year!


East Central Iowa Draft Horse and Mule Association Meeting Minutes November 4th, 2017 Location: Sally's n Broadway. Springville, Ia Present: Bob and Janet Gerard, John Squires, Richard McAtee, Kevin Detert, Beth Miner and Ty, Dale and Mary Jo Boevers, Steve and Roxanne Ross, Martha and Tim Burton and Gabrielle and Jonathan Burton, Deanna Legos and Brott, David McDonald, Dan Menke, Jeff and Joann Carnahan Jeff called the meeting to order at 1:10pm Introduction of New Members: Welcome Dale and Mary Jo Boevers from Farley! They had joined us on the Matsell Park Wagon Train. Glad to have you! Minutes of Previous Meeting: August 5th was the last official meeting. Minutes were sent to all. An informational update was mailed out for Oct 23 that summarized our events, as events were held in-lu of meetings. Beth Miner made Motion to Accept Minutes. Steve Ross 2nd. Motion carried. Treasurers Report: David McDonald stated the ECIDHMA account at ESB as having no activity since last meeting and the balance was reported at $200.05. Steve Ross made Motion to Accept. Dan Menke 2nd. Joann Carnahan presented a receipt for a $2.00 deposit from donations made by calendar sales. Joann also requested reimbursement for expenses of printing and postage in the amount of $33.02. Kevin Dietert made Motion to Accept. Janet Gerard 2nd. Motion carried. Secretary Report: Presented by Joann Carnahan (See attached report) Steve Ross made Motion to Accept. David McDonald 2nd. Old Business: Calendars-Printed 75. Sold all at $4.00ea(cost of production. Printed at Linn News Letter-Big thanks to Todd and Rae Ann!!) It was discussed and decided that the calendars would be printed for 2019, be again a twelve month, and made into a fundraiser next year by increasing the price by a couple dollars. We opted to not try to find sponsors. Discussed that it could evolve into a cook-out if there is extra money to allow. *Please share pics so I have them to choose from. And know that I do pull from FB so I have good material for calendar!! New Business: NEXT MEETING JANUARY 6th at Sally's in Springville. Noon lunch. Meeting at 1pm. It will be an important meeting so PLEASE try to come! Agenda: Officer Elections, Membership Renewal for 2018-$20.00 BRING YOUR CALENDARS!!! We will be brainstorming and planning events for 2018!!! Open Discussion: Richard McAtee will host a sleigh ride party in Olin so plan on that after first good snow!!! He is also planning on his annual plow day the last Sat in April. David McDonald is working with the Linn County Fair Board and 4-H to plan another Driving Clinic in May. Brown Farm acquired a hay loader for demonstrations next summer. Also, in the works is an IH motorized baler. Both of which will need work to use. Any one interested in joining Brown Farm and helping is welcome!! Steve Ross, Bob Gerard, Dan Menke? Will Connie and Russ Osterkamp's arena be available for Sunday-Funday again? We are networking with MIDA(Mid Iowa Driving Association) and Jackson County Horse and Harness Association to make more activities/events available to all. Next year at Brown Farm we would like to try a multiple hitch. Bob Davidson and David McDonald have hitch wagons and the tongues, eveners, and lines to make it happen. I am putting together a hat/tee/sweatshirt order if interested!!! Let me know ASAP! Calendars  

The draft horse clinic in New Virginia was a great success. Brad counted 75 people during the harnessing demonstration and I’m sure many more attended later in the day!  We had 12 teams pulling hayracks, people haulers and wagons full of people wanting to learn to drive horses. During the afternoon show we had an amature driving class were we set up some cones to let the ‘students’ show off their skill.  We had at least 6 teams in the ring with new drivers coming in every round.  I know my team went thru with 7 different drivers!

The afternoon show did not go as smoothly as I would have liked.  The PA system didn’t work and my wife about wore out her voice yelling the results of each class. But we got through it, everyone had fun, and a lot of different people got a chance to drive horses.


Ride a Draft

1 Jeff Christiansen

2  Loyd Sleeth

3 Noah, Ella, and Joe

4 Nathan

5 Noah Donato

Two of the horses in this class had never been ridden before! That is a testament to the great dispositions of our drafts!

Men’s cart

1 Kory Dammeier

2 Lori Christiansen

3 Jim Stuart

4 Loyd Sleeth

Youth Cart.

We had only 4 carts, but we had a bunch of kids wanting to drive. We ended up with 4 classes of youth driving the carts.  The overall winner of the Youth Trophy was Kelsey Dammeier.

Team class A

1 Mike Beaty

2 Brent Burgoin

3 Wilbur Sheets

4 Brad Criswell

5 Frank Santana

Team Class B

1 David Shold

2 Jeff Christiansen

3 Gerald Stuart

4 Kory Dammeier

Youth team

Same as with the youth cart, we had more kids wanting to drive than we had wagons. We ran two classes and had 12 youths participate.  Katelynn Dammeier won the trophy.

Log Pull

1 Jim Stuart

2 Jim Stuart

3 Wilbur Sheets

4 Jeff Christiansen

5 Brent Burgoin

6 Mike Beaty

7 Blaine Beaty

8  Jeff Christiansen

Feed Team Race

1 Wilbur Sheets

2 Jim Stuart

3 Brent Burgoin

4 Jeff Christiansen

5 Jeff Christiansen

6 Wilber & Ashly

7 Mike & Blaine

8 Jeff & Blaine

At this point I think the drivers and horses were tired from a long day of driving so we skipped the rest of the classes.



​Do you want to learn to drive draft horses?

Now is your chance!

The South Central Iowa Draft Horse and Mule Association is sponsoring a FREE driving clinic to be held at the Saddle Club Arena in New Virginia, IA on Sunday August 27, from 9:00 to 11:30.  Topics to be covered are conformation of draft horses, harnessing, and driving. This will be a “hands on” clinic so come dressed to work with the horses! Students will be given the chance to drive a team under the watchful eye of an experienced teamster. During the afternoon show, students will have the opportunity to put their new skills to use in the amateur driver class!


South Central Iowa Draft Horse and Mule Association
Open Draft Horse and Mule Fun Show

12:00 Noon on Sunday, August 27, 2017

at the New Virginia Saddle Club Arena

No entry fee- No prizes!

All classes mixed – horses and mules

Youth classes are 16 and under accompanied by an adult

1.Ride a draft.             8 Four Horse Hitch

2.Cart class                  9. Six Horse Hitch

3.Youth cart class       10. Barnyard pull        

4.Team                        11. Log  Skidding

5.Youth Team Class   12. Feed Team Race    

6. Amateur Driver        13. Obstacle Course

7. Unicorn                              

Bring your own lawn chairs and invite all your friends to the show!

For more information call Jim Stuart,

Cell 515-971-1254


East Central Iowa Draft Horse and Mule Association
Monthly Meeting Minutes
Saturday March 4th, 2017
Location:  Sally's on Broadway      Springville, Ia

Present:  Dick and Doris McAtee, Lavern and Judy Meyer, John Squires, Michele Burington, Bob and Mary Davidson, David Mc Donald, Randy and Deanna Lagos, Steve and Roxanne Ross, Todd Stallman, Larry and Dee Dee Roller, Russell and Connie Osterkamp, Kevin Detert and Beth Miner, and Jeff Carnahan. 

Jeff Carnahan called the meeting to order around 1:00pm. 

Meeting began with acknowledgements of new members.  We now have 25 paid family memberships!!  

Minutes of Previous Meeting:  The minutes of the Feb. 4th, 2017 meeting were discussed and a motion to approve was made by Mary Davidson.  It was then 2nd and approved unanimously to accept. 

Treasurer's Report:  David McDonald stated the beginning balance as being $200.46.  There was a deposit made in the amount of $40.00 making the current balance as of Sat. March 4th $240.46.  A motion to approve the Treasurer's Report was made by Steve Ross, 2nd and accepted as read. 
Old Business:  Rae Ann Holub made a presentation about making calendars for the group.  Calendars would be on color. A sample was brought in that was used for the Center Point Saddle Club.  The  cost to produce is $3.99 ea.  She asked for photos from everyone and that she have them by October.  Lynn Goode is our un-official Official Shutterbug, but all may submit!!  Dick McAtee is still waiting on snow for Bobsled event pictures!  Yearly scheduled events/larger events would be included on the calendars as well.

  Shirt and hat orders were collected and will be sent in at beginning of next week.

  Additional events:  Center Point Show Bill was presented as including Draft and Cart Classes with most shows being at Double Shoe Arena in Olin, Ia.  Those wanting to participate in the May 13th 4-H Horse Driving and Hitching Clinic need to contact David and Cindy McDonald and get registered with the Extension Office for background check and insurance purposes.  

Secretary Report:  Ostercamp's hosted an impromptu Obstacle Course last Sunday.  5 teams participated with many observers-some members and also a few non-members.  Their arena is usually open on Sundays.  Prairieburg tractor pull track is also available for mimimal donation. (Can't use on Labor Day Weekend due to tractor pull.)  Contact Larry Lawrence in Monticello.  Larry Roller offered his place for a wagon train/camping.  South west is having a Plow Day Sunday March 5th in Silver City.

  Our next event, Farming with Horses, is at Richard McAtee's in Olin, Ia on April 29th  11-3, with Sunday the 30th being the rain date.

  Jeff mentioned that he wants to have a horse-drawn binder working for Brown Farm Pioneer Day. 

Next meeting will be again at Sally's.  Gather for lunch at 12, meeting at 1ish.  May meeting may be incorporated into McAtee's field day. 

A motion was made to adjourn, was 2nd and approved by the group 

Thanks to Deanna Lagos for standing in as Secretary!!!

Joann Carnahan


IPTV did a nice feature on the Stuart family and the farm team classes at the Iowa State Fair.  The program can be watched on-line at

Thanks to the efforts of Joe Mischka and Gail Damerow, we have a copy of the 25 year history of the Iowa Draft Horse and Mule Breeders Association, written by Deloris Good and published in the Evener:

IDHMBA History.pdf
1.4 MB


Check out these photos taken by Rachel Ritland of some of our draft horse events.  Really outstanding shots taken by a talented photographer! 

We did some threshing at the John Graves farm southeast of Newton last weekend .//

I added this video of the centrifugal clutch on the thresher – 1930’s engineering. Way cool. This gizmo is what runs the chain for the beaters that pulls the oat shocks into the threshing machine. You can see the chain running down from this thing is not moving at first – that is because the weighted “wings” on centrifugal clutch will not spread out until enough centrifugal force throws the wings out, engaging the clutch, which then allows the chain to run, which then allows the oat shocks to be pulled into the machine. You can hear the engine of the tractor (running the primary belt) speed up right before the “wings” swing out allowing the chain to start running. 

This functionality prevents the oat shocks for entering the threshing machine until all of the internal components are running at operational speed – which prevents plugging, etc. They now use a series of electronic clutches in modern combines for the same reason.

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