Iowa Draft Horse & Mule Breeders Association

​History and Information

The IDH&MBA originated in the early 1960's. With about 100 member families, it continues to be one of the prominent draft horse and mule associations in Iowa. This association funds a yearly scholarship for a young Iowans who are interested in working within the draft horse and mule industry.


Thanks to the efforts of Joe Mischka and Gail Damerow, we have a copy of the 25 year history of the Iowa Draft Horse and Mule Breeders Association, written by Deloris Good and published in the Evener:

IDHMBA History.pdf
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We have change our association's name to:

                   "Iowa Draft Horse and Mule Association"


Dave VandenBoom
Mt. Pleasant

Vice President:
Brad Criswell




Lori Christiansen
2446 Sate Hwy 2
Clarinda, Iowa 51632

Board of Directors:

Larry Robison, Fairfield

 Mark Bower, Coon Rapids

Nancy Janssen, Auburn

Katie Bauer, Dysart

To help promote the draft horse industry, the Iowa Draft Horse & Mule Breeders association is starting local chapters around the state. Listed below are the officers of the new chapters.

Dues for the chapters are $20 with $10 staying with the chapter and $10 going to the IDHMBA.

South Central Iowa Chapter

President Wilbur Sheets 515-992-3103

Vice- Jeremy Smith 402-740-3218

Secretary-Jim Stuart 1121 G76 Hwy New Virginia Iowa 50210 515-971-1254,

NW chapter
President- David Glienke, Greenville, IA 712-260-4822
Vice-Tim Rouse, Curlew, IA 712-855-2418,
Sec/Tres- Sue Glienke, 2390 450th St. Greenville, IA 51343, 712-262-4540,
Co Sec/tres - Cheryl Rouse, 4221 450th St. Curlew IA 50527 712-426-3164

SE chapter
President- Larry Robison, Fairfield, IA 641-919-7187,
Secretary- Vickie Moore, Columbus IA 319-461-0251,
Treasurer- Diane Swan, Liberty, IA 641-919-0597

SW Chapter
Jeff Christiansen, Clarinda, IA 712-542-0011,

East Central Chapter
Joann and Jeff Carnahan
Blue Moon Carriage, LLC
647 Wapsi Banks Rd
Central City, Ia 52214


The Iowa Draft Horse and Mule Breeders Association would like to invite you all to our summer meeting picnic June 12, 2016. Our SE Director Larry Robison will be hosting the POTLUCK meeting located at:
Elsie's Barn
1769 110th St
Richland, IA
Eating at noon with the meeting at 1pm. Contact Larry with any questions at 641-919-7187.
Hope to see ya there!

Iowa Draft Horse & Mule Breeders Association

Winter Meeting

January 10, 2016

   The winter meeting of the IDHMBA was held on January 10, 2016 in Malcom, with 21 members enjoying a potluck meal.

   The treasurers and secretary’s reports were approved by a motion made by Larry Robison, seconded by Mary Davidson. Motion carried.

   A meeting of the Northwest Iowa Draft Horse members was postponed. President David VanderBoom explained how the chapters are working.

   Albert City Threshers this year is the “Year of the Horse”. They are going for a world record of the number of horses plowing at one time. President David has the registration form for this. It will be August 12-14, 2016 with the world record being done on the 13th.

   Larry Robison is the President of the Southeast Chapter, Diane Swan is secretary-treasurer. Dues are $20 with $10 going to the chapter and $10 to the State Association.

    IDHMBA is now on face book – will be posting the minutes and other items on it. Will need pictures and other tidbits for it.

   The American Brabant will hold a meeting the third Saturday, it will be a telephone conference call.

   The Southeast chapter is working on addresses to put on the website.

   Corn husking contest- There was a picking contest just for the teamsters. Jim Stuart won, Terry McElhinney was second, and Larry Robison was third. The face book needs pics as does the website to post.

   A letter of resignation was received from Becky Fevold as the secretary/treasurer effective at the winter meeting in 2017. After 25 years of being the treasurer then the secretary, she feels it is time to step down from this position. 

 Elections were next. Steve Fevold moved to pass a unanimous ballot for David VanderBoom for President and Bob Davidson for Vice. It was seconded by Rick LaValley, motion carried.

   June meeting will be in the Southeast chapter with Larry Robison as the host.

   We only had one interested youth for being our Youth Rep for 2016. Mary Davidson made a motion to have the Youth Rep be for a 2 yr commitment. Seconded by Rick LaValley, motion carried. Stetson Smith will be our Youth Rep for the 2016 & 2017 year.

   Need to have banners made with our logo and the addresses for the website and face book. Going to see if Jim can set it up with click to go to the secretary report on both the sites.

   Need to send Dave VandenBoom the digitized logo for the caps.

   Events coming up:

      Brown Farm in East Central Iowa at Central City last full weekend in July.

      Springville the weekend after Mothers Day.

      Olin will have a plow day in early April.

   Motion to adjourn was made by Liz Manatt, seconded by Larry Robison, meeting adjourned.

Steve Fevold

Acting Secretary

Board Meeting

   The board met following the meeting. The board decided on the following to be inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Iowa State Fair for 2016: Deceased: Jack & Sharon Tuttle from Marengo and Ron Haglund from Ogden. Living:  Larry & Carol Robison.

   Larry Robison moved to accept the transcripts of Leah McElhinney and present her with the scholarship money. Seconded by Bob Davidson, motion carried.

  Motion to adjourn was made, seconded and carried.

Leah McElhinney receiving the IDHMBA scholarship at the 2015 Iowa State Fair  

Iowa Draft Horse & Mule Breeders Association

Summer Potluck & Meeting

Sunday, June 14

12:15 pm at Bur Oak Visitor Center, rural Coon Rapids

(One mile east of Coon Rapids on Hwy. 141, south side of highway)

Hosted by SW Iowa Director Mark Bower 712-830-5928, Coon Rapids


 Members provide table service & covered dishes. Beverages provided.

 Business meeting to follow -

 Election of Southwest Iowa director

 Draft Horse Hall of Fame

 Iowa State Fair

 Awarding of 2015 scholarship

 Numerous trails & camping available at Whiterock Conservancy for those who wish to use them. Stalling pens are available for riding or driving horses.


January 11, 2015


   The IDHMBA met at the Malcom Legion Hall on January 11, 2015 with 20 members present. The secretary’s report and treasurer’s report were sent out with the meeting notice. A motion by Bob Davidson to approve the minutes and 2nd by Rick LaValley. Motion carried.

   Old business: The 2012 Iowa Equine Industry Directory was discussed and also the Iowa Draft Horse bumper stickers.

    New business: The Cornhusking last fall at the Amanas was the largest number of compet- titors ever. Over 140 people were picking corn with horses. There were lots of compliments on the teamsters here in the state. It was an overall fun two days. It was a tremendous event and Stetson Smith did a wonderful job at the event. There were pictures that were drawn and the proceeds from these sales will go back to the cornhusking association.

   Stetson Smith was our youth ambassador this year and he did a really good job for us this year.

  Draft Horse Hall of Fame room at State Fair is still in desire need of remodeling – we kept getting the run around with the people down there. Jim Stuart has contacted Jan Cannon and she is going to talk to the maintenance manager and see what we can do. Dave VanderBoom made a motion to put up to $500 cap towards fixing the Hall of Fame room. 2nd by Rick LaValley motion carried. Jim will continue to see what can be done.

   A thank you was read from Jane Gray about the award her horses received at State Fair.

   There will be a log pull and obstacle course show at the state fair grounds for Doug Fetters who has cancer.

   South Central Draft Horse will be having a Clinic and show in June.

   Horse Fair is April 10 – the draft horses will be doing the same as in the past.

  Draft bill was presented- ½ will be paid for by the South Central Association and the Iowa Draft Horse will pay the other half. Jim Stuart made a motion to pay this and seconded by Rick LaValley, motion carried.

   Rent has gone up to $100 for the Malcom Legion Hall. Larry & Liz Manatt will be checking on

a couple of other places for our winter meetings.

   Stetson Smith gave a report on his summer as our youth representative. He also showed an interest of being our youth rep for 2015, as there are no other nominees. Dave VanderBoom made a motion to have Stetson be our youth rep for 2015, Rick LaValley seconded it and motion carried.

   Election was held for President and Vice President. A unanimous nomination for Dave VandenBoom to be President was made and our Vice will be Bob Davidson.

   The 2015 Picnic will be in the Southwest District with Mark Bower.

   A motion to adjourn was made by Doyle to adjourn and it was seconded and carried.


Becky Fevold



During the executive board meeting it was decided to induct into the 2015 Draft Horse Hall of Fame:

Deceased – Don Johnson and Living – Chris Schwark.


Balance in the checking as of 5-19-15 is $478.17.  Money Market $2,711.06                    
Iowa Draft Horse and Mule Breeders Association

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